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Diamond Nipple Piercing Jewelry and Everything Related: All you need to know!

In recent years, nipple piercings have become a fashion statement- in both, men and women.  

Having your nipples pierced takes some guts for sure, but once you learn to flaunt it in the right way- there is no going back! . Often, pierced nipples protrude further, making sure they go unnoticed in a tight t-shirt. Both men and women who have their nipples pierced for this purpose are proud to wear their diamond nipple piercing jewelry to show that they are fashion enthusiasts following the latest trends! 

Others who have their nipples pierced just enjoy the look. Your jewellery doesn’t always have to be seen, and sometimes it’s fun to get a more exotic piercing that only you know of.

Whatever the justification for piercing the nipple, you’re going to have to be prepared for a long aftercare trip. The nipple is not quick to heal, and you have to take care of your piercing for the length of its healing time, which may be up to a year.

Nipple Jewelry types

It may not sound like it, but the nipple offers the ideal place for a wide range of jewellery types.

The straight barbell is one of the most popular options. Keep it simple with a strong 14k gold barbell, or pick one with opal or pearl ends or charms from our body jewelry store.

Offering a look similar to the straight barbell, the curved barbell doesn’t stick as far out to the sides as the straight barbell. This is a perfect piece to have when you want your nipple piercings to be discreet.

 Does Nipple Piercing Hurt, a lot?

Without a doubt, yes- nipple piercing hurt. But you’ll meet a lot of people who report that it’s not as painful as they expected, but you’re going to feel some pain. As you know the nipples are a very sensitive area of the body and sticking the needle through them is going to hurt.

In particular, with the nipple piercing, you want to find a piercer (like ours) that you trust and are comfortable with. You have to make an appointment with us to get your nipple pierced because we are going to reserve a private area for you. Don’t be afraid to tell if the gender of our piercer is important to you, and if you’re nervous, stop by at our store to talk to our piercer before the procedure to help ease your mind.

Nipple Healing Piercing Process

The nipple takes time to heal. Expect healing to take about 12 months. It may take as little as 9 months, but the inside of your piercing will heal after the outside, so it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. If you’re eager to do some aftercare, you can talk to our piercer after 9 months to see if your piercing is completely healed.

Stay away from Nipple Piercing if :

If you’re planning a beach trip next year, think about waiting. While the piercing is healing, you’re not going to be able to swim, and you’re going to have to stay away from sandy places so that the sand doesn’t get into your healing piercing. Even though your latest nipple piercing isn’t going to lock you out of your holiday, it could be a cramp to your plans.

Women can wait until they’re in between menstrual periods to get their nipples pierced. It’s already a painful piercing without the extra pressure of sensitive breasts.

If you’re pregnant or are hoping to become pregnant in the next year, you should wait for your nipple piercing. We are not going anywhere! You’re not going to have a problem breastfeeding with healed nipple piercings, but you can’t breastfeed with nipple piercings that are in the middle of the healing process; the milk can get caught in the piercing holes and cause infection, not to mention the fact that you can’t breastfeed with jewellery in your nipple.

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