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Custom Jewelry Inquiry

Custom Made Jewelry

Our team at Artwell’s Body Art Inc. consists of skilled artisans with the highest level of experience in creating exclusive custom jewelry. We can design anything you imagine (chains, pendants, earrings, rings, wedding rings, etc.) made from the finest materials. Our stores are located in Maryland and Los Angeles but we do provide services throughout the US & worldwide.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Send us your information with the following details:

What you need our team to make custom for you.
Desired size, height, width and length.
Do you want your custom piece to be made with yellow gold/white gold or 925 sterling silver.
Do you need it to be all iced out? If so, where would you like the diamonds?
Provide us with a helpful sketch or picture of the custom jewelry you need our team to make.

Custom Work Inquiry

Our custom work currently starts at $275 and up

Custom Orders require 2-3 weeks for the design and making process to be completed.  We require an initial deposit for any design work to be started.

You may also call us with your custom order inquiry at 424-348-3848