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When referencing companies setting a superior standard for high quality, trendy body jewelry, Artwell’s Body Art Inc. is an industry trailblazer. Artwell’s Body Art established its first location in 2015 at the Mall in Columbia located in Columbia, MD, and is now one of the fastest growing body jewelry and piercing companies on the East Coast. Today, we operate a total of three locations across the Washington Metropolitan Area, as well as worldwide, through our new online catalog.

At Artwell’s Body Art, we offer ONLY high-quality merchandises. We can guarantee that our jewelry and accessories are manufactured from the finest, best quality materials and that our designers are some of the best in the world with years of experience. Our selections of jewelries are made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel, .925 sterling silver, solid 10kt and 14kt gold, and solid titanium.

In addition, our extensive line of body jewelry collections including everything from navel/belly button rings, tongue rings, tragus rings, nipples rings, eyebrow rings, cartilage and nose rings, labrets, industrial, ears rings and barbells. We provide other trendy jewelries such as necklaces, chokers, belly chains, anklets, toe rings, bracelets, watches, rings and much more.


Our years of experience will ensure great customer satisfaction with our jewelry and piercing services provided. We are fully aware of the needs of the body piercing community and select our items carefully to accommodate customers that are allergic to nickel and cheap quality materials.

Our years of collaboration with respected jewelers have mitigated this practice. We firmly believe that our high design standards in providing body jewelry and body piercings can positively impact our customers in a way that no other jewelry company can!